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What are “exponential humanities”, anyway?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

We are so used to thinking about the term "exponential humanities" here, that most of the time we end up not even asking ourselves exactly what it means.

Of course, it is an extremely broad term and it can also have wide variations of exact meaning, or yet, an exact meaning may not exist. However, here we express in relatively few words much of what Exponential Humanities can mean, and it even helps you to construct your own meanings of the term.

We understand as Exponential Humanities the systemic and holistic collective of all human thoughts, behaviors and tendencies with potential or characteristics of scale and exponentialization, that is, the body of human “things” that thing that have the possibility of becoming exponential: exponential growth is when the rate of growth of a value does not depend on a fixed exponential constant previously given in a function.

It sounds like a mathematician talk (and one can surely say that), but here we talk about humanities, therefore, exponentiality is characterized by a constant percentage increase of a socio-cultural item in a significantly relevant way and disconnected from linear variants. It is a source of growth, expansion and relatively unlimited capillarization.

But enough of exponentiality!

Let's go to the human part. What are the “humanities”?

Humanities are the guidelines, states and schools of thought and behavior that draw and determine trends in human cadence.

Some people call this "collective unconscious" (or even collective consciousness), avant-garde and even "spirit of the time", as the german term Zeitgeist, which despite not having an exact translation, is the one that comes closest to that we understand as these exponential humanities.

That said, Zeit is a global community of Exponential humanities, which, once again, can be seen as the collective of nature, trends, thoughts, actions and behaviour of the human vanguard.

We are a communiy for creators, scholars, influencers and enthusiasts from the exponential humanities as a whole IN ALL OF ITS FIELDS such as art, culture, science, media, market and society.

And now about you, what do you believe are Exponential Humanities?

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