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"Chapter" is the name given to the Zeit cell in a city.


Zeit members in a city make up the Zeit chapter of that city. Every chapter has at least one Hunter, who leads, manages, organizes and expands the chapter.

Chapters have their own meetings, separate from the general calendar's organization, and can also discuss their own issues - in addition to global issues.

Can I be a leader-hunter?

Starting as a regular member or not, you can request to be the leader of a chapter, and that implies that you are, first of all, a Hunter.


Ordinary members can apply for the trail to become Hunters at any time - this only requires study and dedication.


However, becoming the leader of a chapter requires Hunter to fulfill some roles within the community.


how we operate


Zeit Global drivers. They have administrative and maintenance purposes for the global actions of the Organization.


Direct link between Directory and Originals within a continental block. They help in organizing your block according to Zeit Global guidelines.


Responsibles for expanding chapters in your country. They have the function of finding and approving Hunters, as well as of disseminating Zeit's ideal


They are tasked with identifying envoys and ambassadors, inviting members, conducting research, organizing local conferences and providing reports to their Original.

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