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Zeit is a community for cutting-edge human studies:

Vanguard exponential trends, behavior and thoughts.

Our name comes from the German term "ZEITGEIST" which means something like spirit of time or sign of the times. In a nutshell, it means the set of the intellectual and cultural climate of the world at a certain time, or the generic characteristics of a certain period of time. This already helps to explain Zeit's principles a lot.

Zeit does four things:


It is a community, so it is a network of mutual collaboration for its members, both in networking and in helping and disseminating projects and studies.


It also helps to develop people and projects through its philosophy with specific events, trails and training.


Approval of interested organizations of all types within its philosophy, that is, whether or not it validates projects that want to be considered within Zeit's values.


Develops and monitors a constant bigdata center on trends in human exponential behavior.

OUR pillars

Our vision is to establish a global community of thinkers, initiators, pointers and analysts of the spirit of human time and the exponential humanities through our philosophical principles:

To think global by acting local

To focus on tomorrow by practicing now

To be individual but with collective purpose.

To be neutral through purposeful actions


Zeit exists to fulfill the following four objectives in all its spheres:


Research & Database



directory & coos
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Augusto Carminati
Paula Russo

Coo of Mediterranean Europe

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-27 at
Nilo Scandaroli

Coo of South Cone of South America

& head of International Relations

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zeit originals
south america
South Cone
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Z-O from Brazil

Z-O from Paraguay

Z-O from Uruguay

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Z-O from Argentina

María del Pilar Groux

Z-O from Bolivia

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Z-O from Colombia

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Z-O from Peru

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Z-O from Ecuador

Claudia Hernandes

Z-O from Mexico

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